3 of the Best Band Merch Ideas To Boost Your Sales

3 of the Best Band Merch Ideas To Boost Your Sales

3 of the Best Band Merch Ideas To Boost Your Sales

When your band is first starting out, your pay may be a little thin. In between rehearsal and booking better gigs, brainstorm a brand together and start selling some merch! From T-shirts to pins, there are plenty of tried-and-true options out there for you. Check out a few of the best band merch ideas to boost your sales and watch the profits start rolling in.

Pins and Patches

Patches and pins have been all the rage for decades now. Wherever there’s a punk with a denim vest, there’s a potential customer. Help your fans deck out their concert-going gear by offering pins with your band’s logo or patches with lyrics to your most popular song. A piece of flair is an affordable way for fans to support you. And you’d be surprised at how much income they bring in! Lots of people buy the little stuff, so don’t neglect it.


Band tees have been around for a long time. They’re a perfect souvenir for a die-hard fan of your work. When you design your shirt, consider comfort first. An itchy, stiff shirt will wind up at the back of the closet. Look through Prime Pick’s selection of blank shirts for vinyl as you brainstorm, and go for classic black. Use heat transfer vinyl to center your band’s logo on the front; make sure it’s not too big, or it’ll look wonky when worn. On the back, list your concert dates. Your fan will point to a specific date and place and tell their friends, “I was there!”

CDs and Vinyl

Even if your band hasn’t hit the big time yet, spend some time in the recording studio and put together a killer album. Sure, a lot of people listen to music on their phones or MP3 players, but there’s no substitute for a physical CD or vinyl record. Regular concertgoers, especially those who support up-and-coming bands, still buy physical copies of their music. Vinyl has made a comeback in recent years; plenty of millennials have record players now!

As your band gains traction, treat your fans to an awesome selection of merch. Offer unique souvenirs, like concert tees and embroidered patches. When you design your apparel, the best blank shirts for vinyl can be found at Prime Pick. Our heat transfer vinyl is perfect for logos and text. These are only three of the best band merch ideas to boost your sales, but as your band breaks out into the mainstream, you can branch out even more.

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