3 Things You Need To Start a Custom Shirt Printing Business

3 Things You Need To Start a Custom Shirt Printing Business

3 Things You Need To Start a Custom Shirt Printing Business

Some people want to learn how to design custom shirts so that they can make clothes for themselves. However, if you have the equipment, you can turn this hobby into a lucrative business. Here are three things you need to start a custom shirt printing business and how you can work with clients to create new and exciting apparel.

Heat Press

The cornerstone of any shirt printing business comes down to your heat press. Whether using HTV, screen print, DTG, or other shirt creation options, you won’t get very far without a proper heat press. This device allows you to lay out your shirt and apply your logo. The machine uses a combination of adequate force and pressure to transfer your designs onto the fabric. Heat presses come in many different sizes and shapes, but for shirts, you may want ones with a 15″ x 15″ surface area.

Vinyl Cutter

A proper vinyl cutter is one of the things you need to start a custom shirt printing business. Vinyl cutters are devices you can feed your vinyl to with a preset pattern and design. They’ll automatically cut out the letters or shapes for you. This quick and easy process saves you lots of meticulously manual work and ensures you get perfect, even lettering and shapes every time.

Proper Workstation

Your workstation is where you’ll handle most of the finer details of your business. While this is a list of three things that you need, the truth is that your workstation will require more than that. You’re going to want a reliable computer with graphic design software like Adobe Photoshop, Canva, or Designhill. Your computer will be your main line of communication with clients and an easy way to show or review designs for upcoming projects. You should also invest in a reliable color printer and a drawing tablet like a Wacom. Having all the essential devices and software to monitor and run your business will prove invaluable when working with clients.

If you want to find a great HTV store to get supplies and shirts for your new business, PrimePick is here for you. We have many great blank canvases for your custom shirt business, as well as rolls of vinyl and other essential materials to work with. We also provide blog posts to help guide you on where to get started. For more details or to speak to one of our trained representatives, don’t hesitate to contact us anytime. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have.

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