5 Back-to-School Vinyl Craft Projects for Kids

5 Back-to-School Vinyl Craft Projects for Kids

5 Back-to-School Vinyl Craft Projects for Kids

When kids return to school after a long break, it’s normal for them to need a kickstart to get their brains moving again. One of the best ways to create a healthy mind is to encourage your kids to make craft projects that are rewarding, practical, and fun. Here are five back-to-school vinyl craft projects for kids that will have them working with their hands and exercising their minds now that they’re back in the classroom.

Personalized Pencil Pouches

Every student needs a pencil pouch when going back to school. Why not kick things up a notch by adding a touch of personality? Gather colorful vinyl sheets, scissors, and plain pencil cases. Encourage the kids to design the pouch by adding their names, favorite shapes, or even a motivational quote. The process involves peeling the adhesive back on the vinyl, sticking the design onto the pouch, and pressing firmly.

Upcycled Book Covers

Book covers are a necessity for preserving textbooks. Transform these book covers into canvases for creativity by using vinyl cut-outs. Encourage the use of school-themed images, from apples to education-related silhouettes. The kids can peel the backing off and carefully adhere the vinyl to their book covers, personalizing them on the spot. These covers not only protect books but also make them easily identifiable in any school locker.

Classroom Door Hangers

Personalized door hangers add a welcoming touch to any classroom. Start with blank hangers and cut vinyl materials into letters, numbers, or shapes. For younger kids, simple images like stars or their favorite animal are perfect. Arranging and sticking the vinyl to spell out their names becomes an exciting puzzle that ends with a functional and fancy door hanger that they can’t wait to hang up.

Expressive Water Bottles

One back-to-school vinyl craft project for kids that maintains its usefulness even out of the classroom is a customized water bottle! Cut the vinyl to size and use transfer tape to apply more intricate designs. Whether your child adds a school mascot or a rainbow of colors, they can use their water bottle to keep thirst at bay and boast a refreshing splash of individuality.

Fun-Filled Vinyl Bookmarks

Crafting bookmarks is an artsy project that serves a practical purpose. Have kids cut out vinyl shapes or use a cutting machine for precision. Once they’ve created their designs, they can stick the vinyl right onto the bookmark. These personalized and durable bookmarks are perfect for keeping track of reading assignments and books from the school library.

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