5 of the Best Ways To Use Metallic Heat Transfer Vinyl

5 of the Best Ways To Use Metallic Heat Transfer Vinyl

5 of the Best Ways To Use Metallic Heat Transfer Vinyl

Heat transfer vinyl comes in all colors, patterns, and textures. Holographic HTV will bring rainbows to your project, and metallic HTV puts a sheen on your design that catches the light. Here are five of the best ways to use metallic heat transfer vinyl on your next project.

Jazz Up Your Spandex

If you’ve got any spandex bodysuits or leggings that have grown boring to you, add a metallic design down the sides. A couple of bold straight lines in silver or gold add the illusion of extra length, while swirls and scales in aquamarine give off a mermaid vibe. Metallic heat transfer vinyl works well on Lycra and spandex, but not on nylon. Look at the labels on your high-movement gear.

Add a Shiny Accent

Creating an elaborate design on a T-shirt or tote bag? Use bits of metallic HTV to accent the picture and enchant the eye. A fairy or princess-inspired design really pops when the tiara or magic wand has some sparkle to it! Just be careful when you mix matte with metallic, and take care not to overlap them.

Make Distinct Group Tees

When you and a big group of people go on vacation or to an event, why not commemorate it with a fun T-shirt? If you go sightseeing and lose track of one another, a bright T-shirt with a reflective metallic design will catch the eye.

Dress Up Old Tees

Maybe you’ve got a pile of old T-shirts that you’ve worn so much, you’re tired of looking at them. There are plenty of ways to make old shirts interesting again—including adding some shine! Add metallic accents to words and pictures, or cut out tiny star shapes to turn an old black shirt into a galaxy. The possibilities are practically endless.

Add Shine to Silk

It may seem intimidating, but you can apply heat transfer vinyl to silk fabric; you’ll just have to be gentle with your heat settings. Transform a plain silk scarf into an eye-catching accessory with silvery metallic accents. If you’re planning a bridal shower, buy the bride a silk robe and apply her name to the back with shiny HTV in her favorite color.

Metallic heat transfer vinyl is a simple way to fancy up anything from old T-shirts to silk robes. With a creative approach and the right touch of heat, you can add sparkle to your everyday articles. These are some of the best ways to use metallic heat transfer vinyl; browse Prime Pick’s selection of shiny vinyls and get to shimmering!

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