Different Styles of Heat Transfer Vinyl

Different Styles of Heat Transfer Vinyl

Different Styles of Heat Transfer Vinyl

HTV is available in assorted styles, including metallic, glitter, and patterned. The ability to fit a variety of materials and styles is part of what makes heat transfer vinyl so great, but it can also make the selection process harder. With such a wide array of options, it’s not always easy to choose. If you’re interested in learning more about the different styles of heat transfer vinyl, let’s check out the different styles and some tips for choosing the best type of vinyl for your project.

Holographic and Metallic

If you’re looking for something shiny and colorful, consider using either holographic or metallic HTV. Holographic HTV creates a beautiful, prismatic effect that changes depending on the light source. Metallic HTV provides a similar amount of shine but has a stable, unchanging color.

Glitter and Flocked

If you want to add an interesting texture to your next project, glitter and flocked HTV are both fantastic choices. For sparkle, shine, and glamor, go with glitter. Flocked vinyl, which has a fuzzy, suede-like texture, is perfect for adding a softer texture to your clothing.


Patterned is another type of specialty heat transfer vinyl. With patterned vinyl, you can add different designs, ranging from polka dots to squiggly lines, to your clothing and other fabrics. It’s the perfect choice for when you want to add more than just a monochromatic color or simple texture to your next project.


Another one of the different styles of heat transfer vinyl is stretch vinyl. For athletic fabrics, you’ll want something that’s durable. Stretch HTV is a thinner, stretchable type of vinyl. It won’t crack or deform when under stress.

How Do I Choose?

These listed styles should all be capable of withstanding the heat of your iron or heat press. When you’re picking out a style, you should base your choice primarily on the look you’re hoping to achieve. There are, however, some types of vinyl that work better for different types of fabrics and designs. Vinyl that’s holographic or metallic is usually stiffer, making it better for designs made up of smaller pieces. For knit, ribbed, and athletic fabrics, you might want to consider using stretch vinyl, which is thin and extra stretchy.

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