Easy and Unique Heat Transfer Vinyl Craft Ideas

Easy and Unique Heat Transfer Vinyl Craft Ideas

Easy and Unique Heat Transfer Vinyl Craft Ideas

Next time you pull out your heat press and vinyl transfers, think twice before creating yet another T-shirt. HTV isn’t just for tees and tanks! Bring your creativity to new mediums with these easy and unique heat transfer vinyl craft ideas—without a T-shirt in sight.

Drawstring Bags

Whether it’s a smaller pouch or a backpack-sized bag, drawstring bags are a perfect blank canvas for HTV designs. Create a witty slogan or logo that tells what’s inside, whether the bag is holding a sports uniform or simply spare change.


Did you know that some types of heat transfer vinyl, when applied correctly, can stretch along with the fabric? Bright or shiny accents on a pair of black leggings will shake up your workout wardrobe.

Wall Art

Heat transfer vinyl sticks just as well to canvas as it does to a cotton tee. Plus, with more space, you can get more creative with your color and placement! Combine metallic heat press vinyl with patterns or complementary colors to create a collage or mosaic to hang on your wall.

Lunch Bags

If the young one in your life has a plain lunch bag they’ve been toting to school for years, offer to jazz up their current one instead of buying a new one. Emblazon it with their name or create an engaging pattern with their favorite colors.


Does your patio furniture need a little revamping? Grab those plain white cushions and start brainstorming. Depending on your style, you could go for either simple pastel patterns or bold accents of silver and gold. It’ll feel like a whole new couch or chair with just a few HTV accents.

If your surroundings are looking a little blah, get to work with your heat press and HTV. It’s a remarkably versatile material that adheres to wood, canvas, and metal just as well as it does to cotton fabric. Use these easy and unique heat transfer vinyl craft ideas to broaden your horizons next time you feel that crafting urge.

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