Easy Ways To Keep Adhesive Vinyl From Peeling

Easy Ways To Keep Adhesive Vinyl From Peeling

Easy Ways To Keep Adhesive Vinyl From Peeling

Decals and stickers can add flair to your space and can help promote your business. However, if your decal is peeling, you can’t show off your business or unique design. Stickers have a thin layer of adhesive that causes them to cling to surfaces. But sometimes, bumps, dirt, and air bubbles can interfere with decals sticking. Keep reading to discover easy ways to keep adhesive vinyl from peeling.

Clean Your Surface

The simplest way to keep your adhesive vinyl from peeling is to ensure the area you want to apply your decal to is clear of crumbs, dirt, or bumps. Oils from your hands create a residue that makes your decal peel as well. Also, any dirt or foreign objects on the surface can lead to peeling. Spraying the area with a cleaning spray or rubbing alcohol will allow the adhesive to stick without a problem. After cleaning the area, make sure your surface is completely dry before applying your decal. 

Use Heat To Help Dry Adhesive 

If your vinyl isn’t sticking, you can use heat to affix it better. Use a hairdryer or heat gun on the surface of the self-adhesive vinyl while applying it to your desired surface. Using heat will help it conform to any uneven surfaces a little quicker. After applying heat, use a credit card or tennis ball to rub out any air bubbles or bumps. 

Leave the Transfer Tape on the Vinyl

Sometimes, your transfer tape may not be sticky enough. Different transfer tapes have varying levels of adhesive tack. If your decal or sticker is peeling, you should allow the vinyl adhesive to bond with the surface. Leave the transfer tape on the surface for about 10 to 20 minutes. After waiting, pull the transfer tape off and see if you have better results. 

Use a Clear Coat of Paint

If your vinyl still isn’t sticking or peeling, try adding a clear coat of paint to help it stick. The surface you’re applying the adhesive on may have an uneven surface. Using clear paint will help smooth out the rough spots and add a shine to your decal! This is definitely an easy way to keep adhesive vinyl from peeling.

Keeping your self-adhesive from peeling calls for a few simple solutions. Nothing is better than personalizing your items with the highest quality decals and types of vinyl. If you’re looking for self-adhesive vinyl or HTV, then check out Primepick Inc. today. 

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