How To Clean Shirts With Heat Transfer Vinyl

How To Clean Shirts With Heat Transfer Vinyl

How To Clean Shirts With Heat Transfer Vinyl

Heat transfer vinyl designs require a little extra care when cleaning. You may be tempted to pop your new t-shirt into the wash right away, but hold off for a bit! First, learn how to clean shirts with heat transfer vinyl and be gentle when washing.

Wait a Day

Heat transfer vinyl needs at least 24 hours to cure properly. Lay it flat and let it sit for a day while it cools off and the design fully adheres to the fabric. If you toss your shirt in the washing machine too soon, the adhesive may not stick, and your logo will peel and crumple. Be patient! Once your fabric heat transfer vinyl design is fully dry, it’ll be easier to wash.

Flip It Inside Out

Turn your t-shirt inside out and wash it that way to reduce the amount of abrasion your design gets in the wash. Treat that vinyl with a little extra care and protection, and it will last much longer. In addition, if you need to iron your t-shirt, do so while it’s inside out. Never apply a hot iron directly to your heat transfer vinyl—it could melt!

Cool Off

Turn down the heat on your washer and dryer. Wash your t-shirt in cool water and tumble it dry on a low setting, even if it takes a little longer. Too much heat will warp and peel your design; heat transfer vinyl obviously responds to higher temperatures, so keep it cool to extend its life. Do not dry-clean your t-shirt! The harsh chemicals will damage your design.

Lather Gently

Save the heavy-duty soaps for sturdier and dirtier fabric. Use a mild detergent when washing shirts decorated with fabric heat transfer vinyl. Avoid bleach at all costs, and when you toss the shirt in the dryer, skip the fabric softener sheets.

After you’ve finished your heat transfer vinyl garment, keep it looking fresh for as long as possible by following these simple tips. Now that you’ve learned how to clean shirts with heat transfer vinyl, you can feel confident on laundry day. Your design masterpiece won’t crumple or peel if you treat it with care.

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