How To Make More Money With Your HTV Business

How To Make More Money With Your HTV Business

How To Make More Money With Your HTV Business

So you’ve started an HTV business and have garnered a few customers. How do you build your brand and get more money in your pocket? Follow a few simple tips on how to make more money with your HTV business and watch those profits start rolling in.

Offer Superior Quality

When your customers receive products that are easily washable and don’t peel, they’ll remember you next time they need custom t-shirts printed. Invest in high-quality HTV and cotton t-shirts (or whatever you plan to transfer your designs onto—make sure it’ll hold the vinyl well!). Take time to transfer the vinyl properly, so it doesn’t crumple or peel.

Cater to Multiple Markets

The larger your customer base, the more money you’ll make. Obviously! But how do you expand that customer base? Offer your services to a variety of different markets! Print t-shirts and tote bags for sororities and corporate outings. Summer camps and bachelorette weekends alike can benefit from your services. Don’t limit yourself.

Create Package Deals

Encourage your customers to buy as many items as possible by creating packages. If a customer buys 10 t-shirts, throw in a complimentary tote bag. Help out a family reunion group buying t-shirts in multiple sizes by offering lower prices on youth and kids’ sizes. Incentivize your customers to spend more money on your business!

Ensure Repeat Customers

When you deliver your HTV products to your customer, include a personalized note thanking them for their business. Customers like to feel appreciated. Discount codes are another way to bring back repeat business—offer 10 or 20 percent off the customer’s next order! Everyone loves a good coupon.

When you start a business selling heat transfer vinyl products, make sure you’re delivering top-quality products and appealing to a wide variety of potential customers. Invest in Prime Pick’s high-quality HTV and get your products in front of as many faces as possible. With a little extra effort, your profits will multiply. When you know how to make more money with your HTV business, your side hustle could turn into a full-time gig!

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