How To Use Puff Heat Transfer Vinyl

How To Use Puff Heat Transfer Vinyl

How To Use Puff Heat Transfer Vinyl

When it comes to heat transfer vinyl, you have a lot of options. Whether you go with a standard, glittery, flocked, glow-in-the-dark, or puff variety, the type of heat transfer vinyl you choose allows your style to shine through. While the basic application steps are the same for all, certain details differ between heat transfer vinyl types. In this article, we’ll teach you how to use puff heat transfer vinyl.

What Is Puff Heat Transfer Vinyl?

Puff heat transfer vinyl is a material that expands—or puffs up—when you expose it to the heat of your iron or heat press. Once applied, it gives your design a unique, 3D appearance. Puff heat transfer vinyl may be smooth, grippy, or made of a flocked material.

How To Use It

While puff heat transfer vinyl is not too difficult to use, it’s important to know the specific steps for applying it. Here are some tips for applying a 3D puff heat transfer vinyl design from Prime Pick USA.

  1. If your puff heat transfer vinyl didn’t come pre-cut, cut out your design with the vinyl side down on a cutting mat.
  2. Preheat the shirt before pressing.
  3. Please do not use Teflon sheet or any cover on the vinyl before pressing.
  4. Set your iron or heat press to 320°F or 160°C. You can go up to 340°F if you want more puffy result.
  5. Place the vinyl design onto your garment at the desired location. Using HIGH PRESSURE (Very Important), heat and press the puff heat transfer vinyl design for ten seconds.
  6. Release the heat press quickly.
  7. Peel the backing off the design while it’s still hot. This step should be simple, as the design will puff up, pushing off the liner on its own.
  8. Enjoy your newly applied puff heat transfer vinyl!

As you can see, learning how to use puff heat transfer vinyl isn’t hard; that’s all there is to it. It’s a great material to try if you want something different from your average heat transfer vinyl. Prime Pick USA carries puff products and a variety of other specialty heat transfer vinyl designs. So, look through our catalog and order the design of your choice today.

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