Image Resize Calculator

You can use our image resize calculator tool to measure the proportional dimensions of your image when you are enlarging or reducing its size for printing. We recommend you this calculator when you want to resize an image because it will help you preserve the original look.

If you’ve seen banners or T-shirts with a warped or stretched image, the person who manufactured the design didn’t use an image size calculator. Disproportionately sized images may look too small, warped, or pixelated, affecting the entire look of your garment.

You must use our image size calculator if you have a business and are designing company swag. Unclear, sloppy images can affect your brand’s image and reputation. Your customers want to have long-lasting garments with vibrant prints and designs, and we can achieve that with high-quality products and accurate measuring.

With our image size calculator, you can also find the right placement, so your customers can focus on the beautiful font, colors, and designs you choose. Determining the correct placement goes together with finding an accurate image size. Whether you want to place your design as a full frontal image or a small logo on the upper left, you need to know your T-shirt design size.

Finding your T-shirt’s graphic size also helps you find the appropriate composition. Every design element should be arranged thoughtfully. With multi-layer designs, it’s important to know how large or small each graphic is to place them on the garment appropriately. When the dimensions of the image are inappropriate for their placement on the garment, the design’s end result will be overly busy, impossible to read, or unsightly.

How to use this tool

  1. Enter the current width and height of your image
  2. Enter the new dimension you know (this can be the new width or height)
  3. The calculator will tell you the new proportional width or height, depending of what you entered on step 2

Use an image size calculator to ensure that your garments are perfectly designed. For more information, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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