Pro Tip: When To Use DTF or HTV for a Project

Pro Tip: When To Use DTF or HTV for a Project

Pro Tip: When To Use DTF or HTV for a Project

There is a debate about printing styles, as they are becoming more dynamic and diversified. If you’re working on a project, consider a few things before diving headfirst into one or the other printing style. Here are pro tips on when to use DTF or HTV printing for a project to get you started.

Determine the Magnitude of the Project

The first thing you should think about is the project’s purpose. If it’s something small and personal, go with HTV printing. This tried and true method has been around for a long time and produces excellent results.

Keep in mind that it has a different level of diversity than the level of graphics that DTF provides, but it’s great for beginners or small projects. Larger, more detailed projects will always need DTF printing, giving you more flexibility to do what you want.

What Does Your Funding Look Like?

If you’re working on a budget, the answer is simple. You’ll want to use HTV printing. Initially, the setup cost will be drastically cheaper than DTF, and the materials will be more basic. You won’t be out of pocket and can make your money back in no time if you’re running a business with this application. DTF is the best choice if you can afford it and want to upgrade to the premium choice in graphics.

Materials Are Worth Considering

Craft vinyl is cheap and easy to acquire, making HTV a great first choice for projects and businesses. You’ll need a few basic things to get started, and it’s optional to increase your inventory based on what you’re making and how much of it you’ll need to meet demands. DTF printing requires more materials to get started, which may be challenging to acquire. This requirement could put you in limbo while finishing your pieces.

If you’re looking for pro tips on when to use DTF or HTV for a project, this is all you need to know to get started. Use this information as a guideline, and you’ll be creating ample goods for your next project before you know it!

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