Metallic HTV

Metallic Heat Press Vinyl

Metallic heat transfer vinyl provides a beautiful metallic finish that adds a unique flavor and character to each of your HTV designs. You can easily cut this metallic HTV with standard vinyl cutters and apply it with a heat press to shirts made of several different fabrics.

Prime Pick USA carries both soft and stretchable metallic heat press vinyl which stretches with the fabric, as well as metallic HTV which doesn’t stretch. Both kinds are extremely resistant to repeated washes and abrasion ensuring that they last for a long time!

We also carry holographic HTV, which shimmers in the light and creates prismatic effects as a result. You can use these metallic heat transfer vinyl sheets alone or as a base for additional layers to create truly unique designs.

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    Soft Metallic HTV

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    Mirror Sheets HTV

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    Holographic HTV

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    B-Flex Metallic

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