Custom T-Shirt Printing Services

Whether you’re printing custom t-shirts for a family event or creating a unique tee just for yourself, Prime Pick is there for you. We offer various sizes and colors to accommodate every project. Simply provide an image file for us and choose your t-shirt; we’ll take care of it from there. We pride ourselves on our high-quality custom T-shirt printing services. If you’d rather press the HTV yourself, we can also print a transfer for you to use to your creative delight. We offer a variety of custom HTV and DTF printing services for your custom shirt needs.

For high-quality custom-printed t-shirts that will be a smash at your next gathering or event, choose Prime Pick. We proudly provide style and superior quality to t-shirt designers and wearers everywhere with our custom T-shirt printing services.

You can use our image resize calculator when you are resizing the image and not sure about the new height or the width.

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