B-Flex Fatty (750 microns) HTV

B-Flex Fatty (750 microns) HTV


B-FLEX SERIES FATTY is perfect for when you’re trying to make a statement with your crafting projects. It’s thickness will not go unnoticed.
The application process is just like any other HTV film. Cut, Weed, Press, and Peel.

20in x 1ft20in x 1ft20in x 3ft20in x 3ft
GoldGoldSilverSilverGrayGrayWhiteWhiteBlackBlackRedRedOrangeOrangeMedium YellowMedium YellowGreenGreenRoyal BlueRoyal Blue


BF FATTY SERIES is a high thickness thermo-transferable polyurethane film made to give graphics a threedimensional effect. This material is recommended for application of logos or graphics on caps, sweatshirts and materials or fabrics with consistent surfaces.

The wide range of colors, including gold and silver, allows for the creation of unique designs and letters, which can also be overlaid or combined with other B-FLEX series.


Application Instructions:

SUGGESTED FABRICS: cotton, polyester, mixed, printed with NON sublimatic colors.

CUT: cutting plotter, 60° blade, laser.

WASHING: We recommend waiting 12 hours after application.


▪ Mirror cut BF FATTY, with a 60° blade
▪ Weed the BF FATTY and remove the excess materials.
▪ Pre-heat your press to 285 ° F.
▪ Place the garment on the lower platen of your heat press.
▪ Place your BF FATTY on the garment.
▪ Press at 285 ° F for 15 seconds.
▪ Turn the fabric inside out and press at 285 ° F for 15 seconds
▪ Peel the carrier

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20in x 1ft, 20in x 3ft


Gold, Silver, Gray, White, Black, Red, Orange, Medium Yellow, Green, Royal Blue


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