B-Flex Varnish (Glossy) HTV

B-Flex Varnish (Glossy) HTV


20in x 1ft20in x 1ft20in x 3ft20in x 3ft20in x 15ft20in x 15ft20in x 45ft20in x 45ft


The BF VARNISH SERIES is made up of 3 super-glossy covering polyurethane films created specifically to give a high-impact brilliance effect and to make the images stand out, even small ones.
The cutting line is highly visible, and the workability of the product is unique; the liner allows easy weeding and easy repositioning of accidentally removed characters.
The 100-micron thickness and its elasticity make the BF VARNISH series pleasant to the touch and conformable on any fabric and suitable for multilayer applications.
It is resistant to washing up to 40°C.


  • Mirror cut BF VARNISH, with a 45 blade.
  • Weed the BF VARNISH and remove the excess materials.
  • Pre heat your press to 295 F.
  • Place the garment on the lower platen of your heat press.
  • Place your BF VARNISH design on the garment.
  • Press at 295 F for 10 seconds.
  • Peel the carrier.

Suggested Fabric

  • Cotton
  • Polyester
  • Mixed

Additional information

Weight N/A

White, Black, Red


20in x 1ft, 20in x 3ft, 20in x 15ft, 20in x 45ft


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