GoodPeel Regular HTV


GoodPeel Regular HTV


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Primepick is introducing Good Peel HTV, a premium hot-peel HTV.

  • Instant Hot Peel

  • Layer-able (Can be used as base and 2nd layer)

  • Heat Press at 285 F for 8 sec only!

  • Up to 80 washes when put on regular cotton/polyester shirts

  • Superior Elasticity and Flexibility

  • Polyurethane composition

  • Extremely Durable

  • Material may vary in width by 1/8-1/2″

  • More colors coming soon!

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10in x 1ft, 20in x 1ft, 20in x 3ft, 20in x 15ft, 20in x 45ft


Wheat, Beige, Cream, White, Black, Dark Grey, Gray, Brown, Maroon, Magenta, Red, Sun Red, Salmon, Fuschia, Pink, Neon Pink, Orange, Neon Orange, Yellow Orange, Tangerine, Lemon Yellow, Yellow, Golden Yellow, Teal, Turquoise, Seafoam Blue, Mint, Pastel Grass, Light Green, Neon Green, Neon Yellow, Apple Green, Green, Aqua, Aqua Blue, Army Green, Khaki, Navy, Royal Blue, Mid Blue, Sky Blue, Neon Blue, Light Blue, Grape, Purple, Lavender, Silver, Rose Gold, Vegas Gold, Gold


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