Goodpeel Stretch

Goodpeel Stretch


10in x 1ft10in x 1ft20in x 1ft20in x 1ft20in x 3ft20in x 3ft20in x 15ft20in x 15ft20in x 45ft20in x 45ft
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Goodpeel stretch is heat transfer vinyl based on highly flexible polyurethane material. It will work great on stretch garments such as sports uniforms and leggings 

  • More vibrant color with extra layer at the back
  • Color Skin manufactured in Europe
  • Returns to original shape after being stretched
  • Cold peel

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10in x 1ft, 20in x 1ft, 20in x 3ft, 20in x 15ft, 20in x 45ft


White, Black, Red, Yellow, Royal Blue, Navy Blue


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