Printable HTV for Eco-Solvent

Printable HTV for Eco-Solvent


  • Must be printed with Eco-Solvent ink. Not for inkjet printers
  • Recommended to be used with Heat Press machine
  • Available in 3 different textures : Regular, Glitter, Flock


20in x 1ft20in x 1ft20in x 3ft20in x 3ft20in x 15ft20in x 15ft20in x 45ft20in x 45ft20in x 27Yd20in x 27Yd20in x 54Yd20in x 54Yd


Must be printed with eco-solvent ink, not inkjet printers.

Heat Press Instructions

  1. Set your heat press machine temperature to 305 Fahrenheit for Regular and 320 Fahrenheit for Glitter and Flock.
  2. Weed out the whites that are not needed.
  3. Remove the pink protection film in the transfer tape and place the transfer tape on top of the image that will be transferred to the garment and use the squeeze or flat material to push down the transfer tape to heat transfer vinyl.
  4. Remove the carrier sheet from the heat transfer vinyl.
  5. Place the transferred heat transfer vinyl to the garment.
  6. Press for 10 seconds for Regular, 12 seconds for Glitter and 20 seconds for Flock.
  7. Allow to cool before removing the transfer tape.

Additional information

Weight N/A

Regular, Glitter, Flock


20in x 1ft, 20in x 3ft, 20in x 15ft, 20in x 45ft, 20in x 27Yd, 20in x 54Yd


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