Soft Metallic HTV

Soft Metallic HTV


Our soft metallic is shiny but not blinding and stretches with the shirt. This is a cool peel only material.

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20in x 1ft20in x 1ft20in x 3ft20in x 3ft20in x 15ft20in x 15ft20in x 45ft20in x 45ft
Black Holo RainbowBlack Holo RainbowBlack Holo RainbowCamouflageCamouflageCamouflageBuffalo PlaidBuffalo PlaidBuffalo PlaidPink RosePink RosePink RoseRainbow GraffitiRainbow GraffitiRainbow GraffitiMulti SparkleMulti SparkleMulti SparkleMultiMultiMultiRainbow SparkleRainbow SparkleRainbow SparkleGold LeopardGold LeopardGold LeopardGold Leopard2Gold Leopard2Gold Leopard2SnakeSnakeSnakeSilver LeopardSilver LeopardSilver LeopardCheetahCheetahCheetahZebraZebraZebraHolo SequineHolo SequineHolo SequineHolo SpectrumHolo SpectrumHolo SpectrumSilverSilverSilverMatt SilverMatt SilverMatt SilverRose GoldRose GoldRose GoldBlackBlackBlackMatt BlackMatt BlackMatt BlackBrownBrownBrownGoldGoldGoldLight GoldLight GoldLight GoldRedRedRedFuchsiaFuchsiaFuchsiaAquaAquaAquaBlueBlueBlueRoyal BlueRoyal BlueRoyal BlueGreenGreenGreenPurplePurplePurple


Prime Soft Metallic (Foil) HTV is stackable easy to work with yet, smooth, soft and stretchable. Laboratory tested and certified by OEKO-TEX presents the safety and harmless to infants and youth. Available in various colors.


  • Metallic look with soft feel when pressed onto a garment
  • Superior Elasticity and Flexibility
  • Cannot be used as a base for layering
  • Material may vary in width by 1/8-1/2″

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20in x 1ft, 20in x 3ft, 20in x 15ft, 20in x 45ft


Black Holo Rainbow, Camouflage, Buffalo Plaid, Pink Rose, Rainbow Graffiti, Multi Sparkle, Multi, Rainbow Sparkle, Gold Leopard, Gold Leopard2, Snake, Silver Leopard, Cheetah, Zebra, Holo Sequine, Holo Spectrum, Silver, Matt Silver, Rose Gold, Black, Matt Black, Brown, Gold, Light Gold, Red, Fuchsia, Aqua, Blue, Royal Blue, Green, Purple


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