Reasons Why Your HTV Is Peeling

Reasons Why Your HTV Is Peeling

Reasons Why Your HTV Is Peeling

Have you ever created the perfect heat transfer vinyl, only for it to barely stick to the material or come off in the wash? We’ve all been there. If you’re wondering why your vinyl never sticks, take a look at some of the most common reasons why your HTV is peeling and how to solve them.

The Right Recipe

Each type of vinyl comes with its own recipe. When you’re working with HTV, you have to pay close attention to the time, temperature, and pressure you’re using. Don’t forget to check the instructions on your vinyl’s packaging, and always make sure your settings are accurate before you apply your design.

The Type of Fabric

Another common reason why your HTV is peeling is due to the type of material you’re applying the HTV to. Check the tag of the fabric you’re using. What’s it made of? Different types of vinyl are designed to work with different materials, from nylon and spandex to cotton, poly, and cotton/poly blends. It’s important to make sure that your material and vinyl are compatible with each other.

Raised Areas

Does your material have any thick seams, buttons, zippers, or collars? If so, you might have found your culprit. When the material you’re using is covered in raised surfaces, you tend to lose a lot of pressure when applying your design. If you’re having problems with any of these obstructive, raised areas, using a heat printing pillow can help. Another solution to pressure-related problems is the heat press. If you’re still using an iron, investing in a metallic heat press for vinyl can help tremendously.

Peeling Hot vs. Peeling Cold

Some types of HTV need to be pulled off right after pressing or ironing, while others need to cool completely before being stripped of their plastic carrier. If you use the incorrect method, it can cause your design to prematurely peel. If you’re not sure which method to use, check the instructions that came with your vinyl.

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