Reasons Why Your Vinyl Transfer Is Bubbling

Reasons Why Your Vinyl Transfer Is Bubbling

Reasons Why Your Vinyl Transfer Is Bubbling

Many people enjoy crafting, but it does require a certain degree of skill. If you don’t have the skills necessary to work with certain materials, failure is sure to follow. Adhesives have sticky properties, so you must apply them carefully. Vinyl is a heavier material that you must fit and place exactly for it to adhere to a material properly. Here are some reasons why your vinyl transfer is bubbling and what you can do to prevent it.

Peeling the Application Incorrectly

Because the vinyl and the adhesive combined with it are sticky, you will need to have steady hands while peeling the tape. During the heat transfer process, you place a hot, heavy object on the vinyl to mold it to the material you choose. Once you lift the hot object, you will need to peel back the tape, which covers the vinyl as a protective measure so it won’t be marred or burned. Peel it one small piece at a time to keep air bubbles from seeping under the vinyl as you pull off the tape.

Forgetting To Smooth Your Decals

Before peeling off the tape, find a flat-surfaced object to smooth the finished product. A large ruler or a pole will help in this process. The reason you smooth vinyl is to remove any potential air that might have been trapped under the surface of the vinyl during the initial application. This sometimes happens due to the heat of the application process. That heat can cause the vinyl to mold and shift, and air can find its way in while that’s happening.

Rushing Through the Process

If you take your time and use a careful eye and steady hand, you can catch most errors during the transfer process, including air pockets and bubbles. Make sure you perform the process slowly and pay attention so you can create the perfect final product. That way, you’ll succeed nearly every time you work with heat transfer and self-adhesive vinyl.

Adhesives and vinyl aren’t foolproof, so you need to learn how to work with these materials. There is a reason your vinyl transfer is bubbling, so pay attention to this list to avoid any mishaps during the application process.

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