Seeing Double: How To Avoid Ghosting Heat Transfers

Seeing Double: How To Avoid Ghosting Heat Transfers

Seeing Double: How To Avoid Ghosting Heat Transfers

Customizing designs and transferring them onto T-shirts, mugs, and other items can be a lot of fun. However, things can go awry in many ways. Ghosting is a common occurrence with heat transfers. Learn how to avoid seeing double on your next transfer.

What Is Ghosting?

If you notice a strange image next to the main image after sublimation, that’s an example of ghosting. The most common cause of this phenomenon is a slight shifting of the transfer paper during the process. The transfer paper may move slightly at the opening or closing of the heat press. A faded duplicate of your original print floating behind it like a drop shadow can be an interesting effect, but it’s not typically what we want for the final product.

Preventing Ghosting

If you want to avoid seeing double with ghosting heat transfers, the best method is to secure the transfer paper. Since ghosting comes from shifting paper, try to hold it in place. We recommend using transfer tape on harder materials to secure it down. If you’re working with T-shirts, you might have better luck with an adhesive spray that can prevent the paper from moving. We recommend removing the transfer paper as soon as possible after the transfer so there’s less chance of it moving around after it comes out of the press.

The Right Press

Sometimes, you can take all precautions and still end up with ghosting. The problem may lie in your heat press. Certain heat presses automatically open at the end of the process, which are sometimes too strong. The force of the machine popping open can shift the transfer paper, even if you use tape or spray. You may want to take a more hands-on approach to avoid seeing double.

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