Signs It’s Time To Update Your Vinyl Signage

Signs It’s Time To Update Your Vinyl Signage

Signs It’s Time To Update Your Vinyl Signage

Vinyl is a unique material that lasts for a very long time. Its durability is why it is so popular for designing signs and logos. However, vinyl won’t last forever, and when its time has passed, you will need to replace it. Here are a few ways to know when it’s time to update your vinyl signage.

For Visibility

One of the first things to go with signs is their visibility. Fading can be due to debris, sun exposure, or simply time. Dust and dirt, algae, and mold can also affect vinyl’s visibility over time. However it happens, vinyl characters will eventually begin to fade and warp, making it hard to read these signs even when you’re up close.

When this happens, you should replace your vinyl, especially if the vinyl’s effectiveness is in its visibility. For example, some vinyl is reflective to make it more visible from a distance, and other vinyl is brightly colored to attract attention. If vinyl is no longer legible, it won’t serve its purpose well.

For Aesthetics

You may also want to replace your vinyl if the current aesthetic no longer suits your needs. While not a functional issue, perhaps you need to change the font or make the design bigger or smaller. It could be that you have laid out the vinyl lettering too compactly, so it is cramped for space, making it difficult to read. Maybe you just want to change the design to match holiday aesthetics! Whatever the reason, wanting to change aesthetics is a great reason to update your vinyl signage.

For Maintenance

Regardless of the state of your vinyl signage, if you live in an area with more extreme environmental conditions—such as heat, cold, or dense pollution—it’s best practice to update your vinyl regularly. Understand the environmental conditions of your area and make your maintenance plan accordingly. Depending on where you live, you may want to consistently replace your vinyl signage as often as every two years.

These are the indicators that it’s time to update your vinyl signage. If you pay attention to it, you’ll notice when that time comes so that you can always keep your signs visible and legible. When you do update your vinyl signage, get your permanent vinyl rolls with us at PrimePick USA. We offer a wide selection of vinyl, perfect for any signage needs you might have. Check us out today!

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