Surprising Uses for Heat Transfer Vinyl

Surprising Uses for Heat Transfer Vinyl

Surprising Uses for Heat Transfer Vinyl

Did you know you can use heat transfer vinyl (HTV) on various surfaces or fabrics? While creating custom hoodies, blankets, and T-shirts are popular, you can create unique items and gifts on different surfaces like wood or glass. With the proper temperature and press time, you can easily create cute, customized items. Here are a few surprising uses for heat transfer vinyl.

Heat Transfer Vinyl on Silk

Did you know you can use heat transfer vinyl on silk materials? You can personalize robes for bridal showers, birthday trips, or anniversaries with HTV. Since silk is a delicate material, you need to care for your garment properly and set the machine at the appropriate temperature.

Heat Transfer Vinyl on Wood

Ever thought about personalizing a wooden item, like a cutting board or paperweight? You can use heat transfer vinyl on wood! The best part is our premium heat transfer vinyl is so durable that it won’t come off from washing because heat helps the transfer adhere to the material. You can finally create personalized wooden gifts with no problem!

Heat Transfer Vinyl on Canvas

Upcycle your canvas art with HTV. Heat transfer vinyl sticks to canvas permanently and is great for living room or bedroom wall décor. This is a sustainable way to incorporate new wall décor or art projects. You can create mini canvas art projects or upcycle your older art by adding acrylic paint, adhesive pictures, or words.

Heat Transfer Vinyl on Glass or Ceramic

If you have an upcoming trip, birthday party, or event, you should create personalized glass cups using heat transfer vinyl. Many people don’t realize that you can make cute and quirky cups with the help of HTV! You won’t have to worry about the lettering falling off because the dishwasher’s heat keeps it adhered to the surface.

Don’t be afraid to experiment! Using this list of surprising uses for heat transfer vinyl, you can create personalized gifts or home décor! Luckily, HTV is easy to learn and durable, so you can keep your crafts for a long time! Check our online store for materials to create your next personalized art project!

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