The Benefits of Low-Temperature Heat Transfer Vinyl

The Benefits of Low-Temperature Heat Transfer Vinyl

The Benefits of Low-Temperature Heat Transfer Vinyl

What’s your end goal when you create a project with heat transfer vinyl? Is it a bold logo on wood or a flexible pattern on a tote bag? For your next crafting adventure, consider using flexible heat transfer vinyl for a more moveable feel. Let’s look at the benefits of low-temperature heat transfer vinyl.


You can apply low-temp heat transfer vinyl to many different surfaces and materials. Stretchy fabrics take well to flexible HTV, so if you’ve got a jersey knit scarf or a pair of leggings you want to jazz up, a lower temperature will bind the HTV with a gentle touch. Flexible heat transfer vinyl has enough stretch to sit beautifully on many different kinds of fabrics without cracking or peeling.


When you apply it properly at the right temperature and pressure, the HTV will move with the garment without peeling. You can create fantastic patterns that will move with you and last for years. Flexible HTV grabs onto any surface you bind it to and it doesn’t let go. Add some stripes or mermaid scales to dress up a plain pair of leggings, or layer logos on a simple tote bag for long-lasting panache.


Our B-flex flexible heat transfer vinyl is soft and versatile, and it layers beautifully on top of colored items without compromising softness or color quality. Low-temp HTV is great for silhouettes or any other logos you cut with a special HTV cutter. You can layer this stuff on top of already-vivid fabrics, and you can also layer it on top of itself! Create multiple logos or designs and find innovative ways to layer.

To get the most out of your heat transfer vinyl experience, consider a flexible low-temp option. Prime Pick’s smorgasbord of low-temperature HTV will point you in the right direction next time you want to layer patterns on high-performance fabric. Reap the benefits of low-temperature heat transfer vinyl today and jazz up your life!

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