The Most Common Heat Press Mistakes To Avoid

The Most Common Heat Press Mistakes To Avoid

The Most Common Heat Press Mistakes To Avoid

In the beginning, creating customized garments using a heat press may seem complicated and confusing, but fear not! We’re human, and it’s okay not to know the ins and outs of a new hobby. Regardless of how crafty you are, it’s always great to have a few pointers to prevent making common newbie mishaps. 

Keep reading to discover the most common heat press mistakes to avoid. This information will help you make sure you do not waste materials.

Ignoring Basic Instructions

A common mistake people make when they’re first starting with heat press is they jump in with no instruction. There are many methods to pressing a T-shirt, but you should stick to the specified pressure, peel method. By sticking to these specifications, you will cut down on mistakes and time.

Having Improper Press Settings

Heat press machines can be complicated, especially if you’re using them for the first time. Before using the device, you must change the settings to get the best results. These settings include time, pressure, and temperature. You should read the manual before proceeding. If you have improper press settings, you can run into vinyl not sticking or warped vinyl designs.

Using the Wrong Type of Materials

There are plenty of brands that provide heat vinyl transfer materials and designs. However, some brands will cut corners and sell bad-quality vinyl that isn’t long-lasting or peels after one wash. Instead, it would be best if you used high-quality heat transfer vinyl for shirts from PrimePickUSA to avoid damaged or wasted materials. 

Layering Your Vinyl Incorrectly

Heat transfer vinyl allows you to create beautiful garments by layering multi-colored designs on top of each other. However, you can accidentally layer the wrong HTV material. You should NOT layer anything on top of metallic or glitter vinyl. If you layer wrong, it can result in the design peeling off quickly and wasting material.

Whether you’re creating garments for extra cash or on your next family vacation, you should refer back to our list to avoid making these common heat press mistakes to create high-quality crafts. PrimePickUSA has a wide variety of types of vinyl that are beginner friendly. We have a large selection of designs, colors, and prints to choose from! Check out our online store today.

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