The Top Tips for Using Chameleon HTV Correctly

The Top Tips for Using Chameleon HTV Correctly

The Top Tips for Using Chameleon HTV Correctly

Ahhh, the wonderful world of heat transfer vinyl, where there are endless options of colors, patterns, and designs to customize your unique garment. 

Chameleon HTV is an excellent option for those who want an iridescent shimmer and eye-catching color combinations on their garment. Chameleon HTV has a chrome appearance but changes colors in the light and is a must-have for those searching for something to stand out from the crowd. It is also important to know that Chameleon HTV works perfectly on all materials except nylon.

Before you head to our online store and grab all your supplies, here are the top tips for using chameleon HTV correctly so that you can make the perfect personalized garment! 

Remember To Mirror Your Image

Before you begin transferring your design to your garment, you want to ensure your image will appear correctly. Since the HTV is cut from the backside, you must flip your design. To mirror your image is to convert it horizontally in your design software. 

Mirroring your image is the most critical step to ensure the words, design, or patterns are correctly facing when you’re wearing it. The biggest heartbreak is when you finish your garment to see the quote is backward.

Always Prep Your Garments

It’s always best practice to pre-press your garments to create the smoothest application surface possible. Prepping your garments will help remove wrinkles, remove moisture, and pre-shirk the fabric, so there are no surprises on your first wash. 

Moisture and wrinkle-free fabric will allow you to have the best adhesion between the fabric HTV vinyl and your garment while also providing a smooth, finished look. 

Pre-shrinking your fabric is essential when working with 100% cotton since that material is most likely to shrink.

Understand Your Heat Settings

Not all types of vinyl have the same heat settings, and it is critical to your garment that you follow the manufacturer’s recommended heat settings. You don’t want to over press or overheat your vinyl because you melt or burn your images. PrimePickUSA suggests that your press settings are at 338℉ for 10 seconds.

Know When It’s Time To Peel

Every type of vinyl has unique requirements, including when it’s time to peel the carrier sheet to reveal the beautiful designs you made. With some kinds of HTV, the adhesive needs to cool down before the grand reveal. However, with Chameleon HTV, you can peel your sheet when it’s warm. 

Every HTV is unique. Knowing these top tips for using Chameleon HTV correctly is essential to creating your garment easily and preventing simple mistakes. 

Create special garments by trying all our unique heat transfer vinyl options! We have a wide variety of colors, textures, and patterns to make your garment unique! We have everything you could dream of, from glow-in-the-dark vinyl to iridescent colors.

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