The Ultimate Online Heat Transfer Vinyl Buying Guide

The Ultimate Online Heat Transfer Vinyl Buying Guide

The Ultimate Online Heat Transfer Vinyl Buying Guide

The Internet is the biggest shopping mall known to humankind. It’s easy to get lost in a seemingly infinite pool of choices, but you can follow this guide to decipher that process. Before you start shopping, know what type of vinyl you need for your project and what colors and patterns make you smile. Follow this ultimate online heat transfer vinyl buying guide for shopping success!

Know What You’re Looking For

Type “buy vinyl online” into any search engine and you’ll get results about every kind of vinyl under the sun. Look for a heat transfer vinyl store that specializes in HTV. Some stores advertise vinyl products as “adhesive”—they’re similar to heat transfer vinyl but have a different application process. Prime Pick’s range of heat transfer vinyl products doesn’t fuss with paper backing or a sticky side. The heat from your iron activates the adhesive.

Choose Colors, Patterns, and Textures

Now, it’s time to get creative! Sketch out your logo or design and brainstorm a color scheme. Will you mix and match? Will you stick to a specific palette? When you know what colors and patterns you like, the shopping process gets much easier. Fill your cart with the perfect combinations for your design. Keep the type of project you’re tackling in mind when you choose styles and textures. Some heat transfer vinyl styles are more forgiving on stretchy material than others.

Be Wise With Size

Depending on the size and scope of your project, consider buying your heat transfer vinyl by the yard. Unless you like doing projects with leftover bits and pieces (which can be fun), buy only what you need. Buying by the yard is a simple and cost-effective way to gather supplies for your project. If you’re not sure how much yardage you need, measure the dimensions of your project and add a little allowance around the edges.

When shopping for supplies for your next creative venture, Prime Pick is the definitive heat transfer vinyl store for your needs, with a wide variety of colors and styles to choose from. Follow our ultimate online heat transfer buying guide next time you shop online, and you’ll love the quality of your finished project!

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