Things To Know About Direct to Film Printing

Things To Know About Direct to Film Printing

Things To Know About Direct to Film Printing

The printing industry is growing rapidly and coming out with more ways to create high-quality printed garments. When you want to create customized garments, a great technique to use is direct-to-film (DTF) printing. Direct-to-film printing allows you to have great quality prints while obtaining simplicity and a wide range of colors. If you’re curious about DTF printing, here are a few things to know about direct-to-printing.

DTF Works on a Variety of Materials

Most heat transfer printing only works on pure cotton garments, but DTF works on a wide variety of materials, including cotton, nylon, polyester, and dyed fabrics. You can apply the transfers to surfaces like glass, wood, metal, and even shoes! Expand your inventory with various merchandise using direct-to-film!

Easy and Faster Production Process

Printing onto a film transfer means placing your design on any surface—including awkward surfaces. If you heat the area, you can apply DTF with no problem! You can eliminate extra steps and reduce production time by pretreating and drying your cloth or surface. DTF is great for smaller businesses because it won’t cost as much to create small-volume orders.

DTF Is More Durable and Versatile

As stated before, you can apply DTF on any heated surface. You can create customized tote bags, T-shirts, jackets, socks, phone cases, and more! Instead of printing the same design on different colored shirts, switch up your inventory.

Another thing you should know about direct-to-film is that it’s more durable than your traditional printing methods. Direct-to-film transfers are flexible and hold up well after washing, meaning they won’t peel or crack.

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