Tips for Figuring Out How Much HTV You Need

Tips for Figuring Out How Much HTV You Need

Tips for Figuring Out How Much HTV You Need

A frequently asked question we hear a lot is, “How much heat transfer vinyl do I need?” Applying heat transfer vinyl (HTV) and figuring out measurements for your garments can be overwhelming if you’re new to working with vinyl. Luckily, we brainstormed different tips for figuring out how much HTV you need for your latest design.

Scale Your Design

Once you have picked out your graphic and surface, measure your surface to figure out how much HTV you need. Use a ruler to get a general idea of how tall and wide your design should be to achieve your desired look. 

Knowing how big you want your graphic to be will determine how much craft vinyl you need for your garment. After scaling your design, you will proceed to align your vinyl. 

Align Your Vinyl Properly

Before applying your graphic to your fabric, you should align your vinyl correctly. Fold your t-shirt (or other garments) and press it with an iron to properly align your vinyl. Then fold your t-shirt again, but right under the sleeves, and press it again for a couple of seconds. 

You should see a nice line down the middle and across your shirt, which acts like a guide when you’re lining up your vinyl. 

After aligning your vinyl, you are set to take the following steps towards creating your custom garment! Remember to cut off any excess vinyl because you don’t want extra vinyl transferring to your final product!

The Appropriate Sizing for Garments

If you’re still having trouble figuring out how much HTV you need, we have provided you with the standard vinyl sizes for standard shirt sizes. Remember, you can scale your design up or down a few inches; the choice is yours!

Sizing Cheat Sheet:

  • Toddler shirt – 5×5
  • Baby onesie – 3×3
  • Youth medium – 7×7
  • Adult medium – 11×11
  • Fitted t-shirt – 9×9
  • Pocket design – 4×4
  • Arm sleeve design – 2×1

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