Way To Remove Heat Transfer Vinyl From Your Shirt

Way To Remove Heat Transfer Vinyl From Your Shirt

Way To Remove Heat Transfer Vinyl From Your Shirt

You can remove the vinyl from shirts using heat, basic household products, or chemical removers with additional help from an X-Acto knife and some handy tweezers. Transferring your HTV may be fun, but removing it may take time. However, before removing the vinyl, it can help if you check the label inside your garment to see its type of fabric. Here are a few ways to remove heat transfer vinyl from your shirt.

Try AlbaChem® Vinyl Letter Removing Solvent

AlbaChem® Vinyl Letter Removing Solvent is an adhesive remover that requires careful handling due to its toxic chemicals. This product offers an effective and quick way to remove heat transfer vinyl from any garment. It’s important to remember that this product works best in well-ventilated areas and requires you to use hand and eye protection while in use.

To use this product, you spray it onto the garment where HTV is attached on the other and allow it to sit for about 10 seconds. Using a tweezer, pick up the edge of the HTV until it comes off. If the HTV doesn’t peel away, apply more Vinyl Remover and start over.

Use Rubbing Alcohol

A safer way to remove a decal is to use rubbing alcohol. Using rubbing alcohol is a cheaper and easier route for removing your HTV design. However, it’s not as quick or efficient as the other choices. You should use the rubbing alcohol in the sink or a bucket and pour it all over the back of the decal. Using your hands, wiggle your shirt around to help loosen the vinyl and pry the decal with tweezers.

Try Using a Hair Dryer

The hair dryer method works best for those transferring and making a mistake. It will work on older HTVs, but this is mainly the way to go if you’re looking for a quick fix while working on transferring. The hair dryer method is also great for those who have trouble getting rid of excess adhesive residue. To remove your HTV, place your garment on a flat surface and set your hair dryer at a high temperature for about 30 seconds. You’ll see your decal begin to remove itself.

Consider Using Acetone

Acetone will dissolve the vinyl, making it easy to peel off the decal. Since acetone is a chemical solvent, it’s safe to work with. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about wearing protective gear—unless you just got your nails done! However, you should use it in a bucket or sink to reduce the potential mess. You want to soak the entire garment in acetone and wiggle the decal back and forth until the decal lifts. Once the decal lifts, pull it off with tweezers and scrape away the excess vinyl.

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