Ways To Use Patterned Heat Transfer Vinyl Sheets

Ways To Use Patterned Heat Transfer Vinyl Sheets

Ways To Use Patterned Heat Transfer Vinyl Sheets

When designing one-of-a-kind creations, keep classic design elements like space, color, and texture in mind. A patterned heat transfer vinyl sheet adds visual interest to your piece, especially if you mix and match. There are a variety of ways to use patterned heat transfer vinyl sheets; let’s look at a few ideas to get your creativity flowing.

Add a Pop of Pattern

Just like adding a pop of color, adding one patterned element to your piece will enhance the whole picture. If you’re spelling out a word with block letters, make one of those letters polka-dotted or zig-zagged.

Use It in the Background

If you’ve got a visually interesting pattern in muted colors, use it as a background for your main design! Choose colors that complement one another, regardless of the pattern, and make sure any text you add is bold and readable. PrimePick USA’s selection of patterns is sure to ignite that creative spark as you brainstorm ideas.

Be Clever

Depending on the shapes and images you want to create, a patterned element can enhance it in a clever way. For example, if your design is of a bird, use a chevron pattern to imitate feathers. If you’re going for a nautical theme, use a pattern with bubbles.

Mix and Match

Don’t be afraid to use multiple patterns in the same design! One can work as an effective accent for the other. Use metallic heat press vinyl alongside more muted patterns to add extra shine and draw the eye to your masterpiece.

With PrimePick USA on your side, your next logo or DIY project is sure to dazzle. Don’t be afraid of bold patterns or daring design elements. There are a million ways to use patterned heat transfer vinyl sheets—each one will demonstrate the unique creativity of its creator.

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