When To Use Removable & Permanent Adhesive Vinyl

When To Use Removable & Permanent Adhesive Vinyl

When To Use Removable & Permanent Adhesive Vinyl

Vinyl adhesive stickers have gained popularity in the last few years because they’re affordable and flexible decoration and crafting options. They come in an endless array of colors, shapes, and patterns. In other words, they’re perfect for any DIY crafts, and you can use them on garments, windows, cups, laptops, or cars. 

There are two types of vinyl adhesives: permanent and removable. Understanding the differences between the two and knowing when to use removable or permanent adhesive vinyl is essential to your project. 

What Is Removable Vinyl?

Removable vinyl is an adhesive that can easily peel off without sticky marks or leftover glue. Removable vinyl is perfect for temporary projects or signs because you can remove it without causing damage. You can use this vinyl for electronics, organization, food packages, calendars, and more. 

Unfortunately, removable vinyl doesn’t last as long, but you can still use it for crafty projects and temporary promotional signs. 

What Is Permanent Vinyl?

Unlike removable vinyl, permanent vinyl’s adhesive is more substantial and can last a long time, hence the name. Removing permanent vinyl can be extremely hard and ruin the surface of your wall, car, laptop, cup, etc. Permanent vinyl should last about six to eight years, and if it’s of higher quality, as long as ten years.

Permanent types of vinyl are typically useful for products that require long-lasting labels and outdoor projects because they can endure all weather conditions. To remove permanent vinyl, you have to use a heat gun.

When’s the Best Time To Use Them?

Removable vinyl is best for you if you’re crafting a temporary promotional sign for your business or doing arts and crafts with your kids. This type of vinyl is also great for wall decals, stencils, and indoor signs. Since this type of vinyl is easily removable, you can replace and remove the sticker without creating a mess.

Permanent outdoor vinyl is perfect for car decals, mugs, outdoor signs, and dishwater items. We wouldn’t recommend allowing kids to use this adhesive without supervision because it’s difficult to remove from surfaces, though.

Understanding when to use permanent or removable adhesive vinyl is detrimental to your crafting projects. Imagine creating a temporary sales sign with permanent vinyl—yikes! Don’t make that mistake, and refer back to this blog to guide you through the differences.

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