Why You Should Be Reverse Weeding Your Vinyl

Why You Should Be Reverse Weeding Your Vinyl

Why You Should Be Reverse Weeding Your Vinyl

Have you been trying to find an easier way to cut out your designs? Reverse weeding vinyl is a popular technique for creating small adhesive designs and reducing time spent cutting excess vinyl around the decal. Here is why you should be reverse weeding your vinyl.

What Is Reverse Weeding?

First off, what is reverse weeding? Weeding is the process of removing extra material after a design is cut out. So, reverse weeding is when you apply application tape or transfer mask on top of the cut vinyl with a squeegee. This is the perfect weeding method for when you have small details.

Why Is Reserve Weeding So Popular?

So, why should you reverse weed your vinyl? Reverse weeding makes it easier to work with vinyl with small, intricate detailing. Weeding keeps all the details intact, and even if you accidentally weed something off, you can stick it back in place!

How To Reverse Weed Vinyl

Before you begin reverse weeding your vinyl, you need the following supplies:

  • Adhesive vinyl
  • Transfer tape
  • Weeding tool
  • Squeegee
  • Scissors or cutting machine

Cut Your Project

Use your handy scissors or an electronic cutting machine to cut your vinyl. This reverse weeding method works best for getting details around the edges.

Cut Your Transfer Tape to Size

After cutting your design, cut the transfer tape to fit over the entire design. Use a card or squeegee to adhere the image to the transfer tape to ensure security.

Remove From the Vinyl Carrier Sheet

After ensuring your image is secure to the transfer tape, pull the vinyl off the carrier sheet. Take the entire image off the tape carefully to prevent rips or tears. If your design rips a little, stick it back in place.

Remove the Negative Vinyl

Once you remove the vinyl from the carrier sheet, you can finally take the last step and remove the negative vinyl. Remove the negative off the transfer tape, and the image will remain on the transfer tape to apply to your project.

Reverse weeding is an easy way to remove your design from vinyl and create a beautiful project. Permanent adhesive vinyl is excellent for beginner crafters or people who need to make something quickly and mess-free. Check us out at PrimePickUSA for all your vinyl crafting needs.

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